With Sensitive Digital Biomarkers

At Koneksa, we know that neuroscience treatments can be challenging to assess. Often, the underlying functional signals of interest for these therapies can be subtle and difficult to reliably detect due to symptom fluctuation and the limitations of existing measures.  

Sensitive, accurate, and noise-reduced measures are required to collect lab-grade data. But current measurement options limit neuroscience sponsors’ ability to accurately and sensitively detect valuable treatment effects: 

  • Consumer-grade wearable devices typically cannot provide the necessary accuracy 
  • Questionnaire rating scales are highly subjective, lacking in precision due to their infrequency and reliance on patient recall  
  • In-clinic visual assessments — unaided by technology — can contribute to interrater variability and measurement subjectivity challenges; in-clinic measures also provide a limited amount of data over time, and they place a heavy burden on patients with mobility issues, which are common among neuroscience patients  

To further complicate matters, the functional living challenges associated with many neurological diseases and disorders vary day to day, and even hour to hour — devaluing periodic point-in-time measures. 

Instead of relying on a burdensome, in-clinic snapshot measurement approach, what if sponsors could evaluate the everyday effects of new therapies using seamlessly obtained, highly accurate, and objective measures — collected from the comfort of the patient’s own home?

What’s the Solution?

Koneksa’s digital biomarkers for neuroscience research. 

We offer solutions that leverage continuous data collection capabilities and the highest-quality digital biomarker measures available — delivering the data you need to truly assess your treatment quickly. 

Speed Matters

neuroscience screen

We are in the business of accelerating research and development — without compromising quality. 

Researchers need reliable data that empower sponsors to understand and represent drug treatment effects more accurately. That’s exactly what Koneksa delivers. 

Our solutions provide sensitive, early insights to help you make timesaving, cost-effective decisions. We know what can happen when sponsors are forced to make high-stakes clinical development decisions based on potentially inaccurate or uninformative data: 

  • Inefficacious molecule assets may be inadvertently advanced (based on variability-driven mis-signals) 
  • Effective treatments may be abandoned (based on insufficient data collection) 

These are the kinds of problems that Koneksa helps sponsors solve. We use advanced digital tools and our cloud-based software as a service (SaaS) platform to give you more powerful data, allowing you to decrease trial duration and sample size and ramp up your ROI. 

Precision Matters

Koneksa is a better solution for neuroscience research.

A neuroscience clinical trial must be precise. That’s why we provide a platform designed to incorporate data from multiple devices, monitoring multiple symptoms and deploying advanced algorithms to provide measures that matter. 

We use robust verification and clinical validation to ensure all the parts we use in our solutions work as intended when deployed in remote clinical trials. We also enable trials in numerous neuroscience therapeutic areas, including Parkinson’s disease, multiple sclerosis, and disturbed sleep. Koneksa is developing new, advanced electroencephalograph (EEG) measures to assess and detect early and prodromal neurological disease in patients more sensitively and accurately.  

When a sponsor chooses to work with us, they are making a sound operational decision that will streamline their study. Our comprehensive neuroscience solution offers easy integration of key measures that can be completed anywhere in minutes:

  • Vital signs 
  • ePROs 
  • Speech characteristics 
  • Finger dexterity 
  • Pronation/supination 
  • Tremors 
  • Cognitive tests 
  • Sleep measures 
  • Physical activity 
  • Gait & balance 
  • And others under development 

Neuroscience Disease Progression Matters

Koneksa is proud to develop partnerships to contribute to critical neuroscience research. 

Ultimately, this is all about patients, and Koneksa is committed to helping sponsors get potentially lifesaving treatments into the hands of patients faster. We work with you from the design stage onward to choose the right solution for your neuroscience trial. Our device-agnostic platform and third-party partnerships give us the flexibility to integrate the right set of digital biomarkers that hold the promise of more quickly and accurately determining treatment effects in each unique trial. 

  • The Koneksa Academic Partnership Program (KAPP) — Our neuroscience solution has been incorporated into research programs, including Parkinson’s disease research (KAPP-PD) 

Efficiency Matters

You don’t need to spend time and money trying to develop tools or manage device logistics; that’s what we do best. For the good of patients and your bottom line, your resources are best spent focusing on what you do best: conducting pioneering neuroscience research. 

Let Koneksa handle the rest.