On Wednesday, July 29, Koneksa hosted a webinar on the use of actigraphy in clinical research. Our speakers included Abigail Davis, Clinical Research Coordinator, Suburban Research Associates; Rob Ellis, Ph.D., Head of Data Science at Koneksa; and Matt Cantor, VP of Customer at Koneksa.

The program provided an overview of actigraphy and its benefits, as well as examples of devices, endpoints, and measurements. The speakers gave several examples of use cases in which actigraphy can be deployed to great effect:

  • Efficacy endpoints – as primary or secondary endpoints for, for example, sleep measurement

  • Extension of clinic assessments – including supplementing assessments like the six-minute walk test

  • Supporting corollary measures – working as leading, concurrent, or trailing indicators (for instance, recording activity under the hypothesis that activity is low when fatigue is high)

  • Direct measures – such as using accelerometer data to measure walking speed, distance or time.

Topics covered included best practices for study design and execution, how to keep patients engaged, and examples of how actigraphy measures can be used to detect treatment signal in a research program.

Download supporting whitepaper, “Actigraphy in Action: Why It’s Vital for Clinical Trials & How to Do It Right” HERE